Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Inspiring Country House Design That Will Draws Many Eyes Attention

When we visited country side area, we often found interesting house that can be an interesting design to explore. These country house soften offer innovative design that you rarely find on modern house design. Here we collect some of the most interesting country house designs for your inspiration. The design comes from several different country and region that you can choose the best suitable one for your living space.

A minimalist country house with wooden finishing on the exterior is designed in gray and white color. The gray color is applied on the façade while the white color on the roof, poles, and also fence. The house also has windows glass with white wooden frame. The roof of the house is designed in gable style with small windows glass on it. If you look closely to the house design, it will like a classic country house with modern finishing. But still it can give country vibe to your living house. It is really a good looking country house design.

A Japanese country house is designed with wooden exterior also straw roof in Japanese style. On the façade, Japanese decoration makes an interesting appealing along with the windows and door design. Wooden fence on the yard with many beautiful leaves on the ground bring much more Japanese vibe to the outdoor of the house. Living on this house will give you the utmost sensation of traditional Japanese design along with its beautiful art and nature.

Besides wooden exterior, country house is also identical with brick façade. A large country house with brick façade and gray color theme offers an interesting place to live. The brick façade is combined with gray wooden material also white window glass that makes the exterior looks appealing. Classic style gable roof of the house also adds the country vibe of the house. Green lawn on the yard also plants decoration brings the beautiful nature to the house design. The brick exterior blends with this nature design and makes the house looks more inviting. It is really an inviting country house design

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