Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spectacular Ceiling Pictures in Kid Rooms

There are many options to decorate a kid room, from the wall paint to the accessories. But the newest craze is in the ceiling design. One of the most uncommon and interesting things you can do is use ceiling pictures. Not to mention that it looks awesome and it’s unique. Ceiling pictures are a creative and inspirational solution that can be easily incorporated in any kid room design. Moreover, you can use a particular theme for the ceiling décor to accentuate the room’s style.

In today’s post we bring you a few awesome ceiling decorations for both boy and girl rooms. Check out the gallery and choose the best design for you, and don’t forget to share your favorite!

There are many themes you can choose, from natural to sporty and cool, to feminine and girlish. However, the most spectacular ceiling design will be the greatest one if it’s chosen by your kid.

For a natural ceiling theme, there is a blue sky design with stars, there is also a soccer theme, a solar system and a cool blue striped ceiling design. Meanwhile, the feminine ceiling decorations are created with luxurious drapes, purple and orange stripes and also yellow shapes. Other casual designs feature polka dots. You can also use creative lighting ideas: string lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers.

Beside the illumination, you can balance out the ceiling decorations with the wall decors. You can opt for patterns and colors, both of them being obviously sophisticated. You can also use murals, wallpapers, wall decals and many kinds of paints. You can also use wall stickers. Check out the details below to get the perfect ceiling design for your kid room.

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