Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Enjoying Tranquil City Life on Interesting Penthouse Design

For those who live on a big city, living on a penthouse apartment can be a best example to enjoy tranquil life. Penthouse can offer comfortable living place with amazing view of the city surrounding. It also will take you far away from the noise of busy life of the city. To give you more insight, here we will review about a penthouse design in elegant and interesting decoration.
The penthouse offers modern living room with blue sofa and pillows also white chairs that is set as a comfortable sitting place on the room. The room also offers glass table with orange planter that shows a staggering color decoration for the room interior. Large wooden bookshelf on the back of the chairs makes an interesting decoration for the room. It also provides a perfect place to store your favorite books and read it on the room. Framed pictures are applied to decorate the wall and bring cheerful or whatever theme the inhabitant need.
The penthouse also features a cozy and stylish home office design. The office is designed with glossy desk and comfy chairs. This desk is designed under the elegant pendant lamp that makes it looks even sleeker. Large framed painting on the back of the chair makes a nice backdrop for the room. Large bookshelf is also available on the room. This home office is designed with large windows glass on the side, so when the inhabitant work on the room he/she can explore the view of the surrounding area as an entertainment to avoid boring work time. It is really an exciting penthouse design.
The bathroom of the penthouse is designed with textured material on floor, wall, and also on the top surface of the cabinet. This textured material in light gray color shows a modern design along with glass shade of the shower place and bright lighting from the pendant lamp. White sink and stainless steel faucet facilitates the room as a modern washing place. Large mirror above the faucet reflect light and completes the design of the room. It also makes the room feel larger. It is sure a fancy penthouse design.

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