Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Right Storage for a Modern Living Room

Having a house with limited space forces you to be creative when it comes to the storage spaces that you use in your home. Storing some objects in your living room is okay as long as you do it beautifully and in an organized way. Some people put books, CD collections, magazines, and many other things in their living room.
If you live in a small contemporary house, you can choose simple storage solutions for your modern living room. Having a hanging cabinet, where you can also place your TV is a very good idea. It can be used to store your items and it’s strong enough to place your big screen TV.
Having wall mounted shelves is another great idea for a modern living room. This kind of storage is very useful. You can put your books and magazines. You can also use it to put some decorative items such as framed photos, small figurines, and china. Having a simple storage with open shelves, cabinets, and TV shelves is pretty common in a modern living room. It is useful and decorative.
Another choice of storage that you can have in your modern living room is floating cabinets. It will make your living room seem larger. You can also use short-legged cabinets as living room storage. The best cabinet colors for your modern living room are white, grey, wooden brown, and other bright colors. Don’t forget to tweet your designs and thoughts!

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