Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Some Feasting Applications of Lighting Decoration on Contemporary Interior Design

There are many things you can do to upgrade your interior house design. One of them is by applying lighting decoration. Lighting decoration can contribute the bright and modern look to your interior design. It also can make your interior looks sparkle and luxury even elegant. In this post, we are going to give you some tips and examples of lighting decoration that shows wonderful interior designs.
An open floor living room with white modern sofa lounge is designed with many sparkle lamps on the white ceiling. The sofa is paired with modern sleek chairs and also rectangular white table that is placed in front of the sliding floor to ceiling windows glass. The room gets lighting decoration form lamps on the ceiling and also from the natural light from the outside. The room also gets light from the beautiful chandelier above the table on the corner of the room and from the elegant pendant lamp of the kitchen next to the room. The room shows a lavish lighting decoration for a contemporary interior design.
A cooking place like kitchen can also be decorated with elegant decoration by using lighting. The example we take from a kitchen that features modern cabinet from sleek material also island. The cabinet is decorated with glossy backsplash in purple color that is decorated with many small lamps. These small lamps contribute elegant look to the backsplash. The light is reflected by the glossy purple surface and makes the room looks elegantly sparkle in light. The room also has wide windows glass that brings much natural light. This natural light also reaches the backsplash and is reflected elegantly. It is sure an elegant lighting decoration for a kitchen.
Another decoration shows a modern bathroom that is decorated with white cabinet and sparkle backsplash. Above the backsplash is a large mirror. Many beautiful pendant lamps are set in front of the mirror so it can illuminate the room beautifully and maximally. The light from the lamps are reflected on the mirror and the room become brighter. The room also provides a modern tub with a subtle pendant lamp above it. This sure shows another gorgeous result of lighting decoration.

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