Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Several Inspiring Ideas of Charming Decoration for Your Interior

After talking about interior design with certain regional characteristic, today we are going to talk about interior decoration. It is common for some people to feel bored about their existing house and also interior design. When this happens, it will lead to the need of interior decoration. There are many interior decoration ideas that you can choose to apply at your home. We have a long way talking about it in our previous post. But for now, we will give you some inspirations of charming decoration for your interior.
A spacious living room is decorated in white color theme with colorful touch on some parts of furniture and accessories. A white sofa is applied and is decorated with colorful pillows and red blanket. Small rectangular table in front of the sofa with blue top surface also contribute to the color decoration. Above the table, you can see interesting pendant lamps with colorful shades that makes it illuminates the room with colorful light. The wall above the sofa is decorated with framed picture and alphabet also clock that makes it an interesting backdrop for the room. Floor lamp on the side of a comfy chair on the corner also adds interesting look to the interior design. It is really a lovely and charming decoration, isn’t it?
The bedroom is also decorated in white color with strip bedding on the bed. The headboard is decorated with bright light that makes it looks interesting and resonates with the bright natural light from the windows and also with the room color. Wall sconces and beautiful planter also decorate the room. The home office room is decorated with small computer desk that is placed against the wall on the corner. The desk is paired with green chair and is decorated with table lamp. On the wall above the desk, colorful and cool decorations are applied that makes it an interesting place to work.
The dining room shows more charming decoration with rounded white table and chair under the pendant lamp in blue pastel shade. On the side of the table, the long soft bench with colorful pillows and flouting cabinet with glass doors adds another charming look to the room. The kitchen with tiles backsplash and small planter vegetation also shows its charming. This shows charming decoration ideas to apply.

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