Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pretentious Residence Interior with Artful Hallway Decoration

For the first time look into this residence interior, it thought it was a gallery. Beside is it uses exquisite furniture and arranges it smartly, this house is also complemented with pretentious paintings and the other artworks, indeed. Moreover, it has eye catching colors and designs so that it is able to balance the home interior decoration. In the hallway space, it is beautifully decorated not only with abstract and beautiful paintings, but also stunning furniture which is created artfully.
Beside is the hallway, the other residence interior decorations are also designed beautifully. First, it can be seen in the living room. In this room, the walls are created with bay windows which make the interior brighter. Not only that, it is also dazzled with beautiful abstract paintings. Then, the seating space consists of two areas where both of them are adorned with contemporary sofa and chairs also interesting table designs.
As lovely as those spaces, the dining area is also sophisticatedly designed with exquisite vase and ornaments. Furthermore, the dining furniture used to balance the interior décor is also stunning. Not to mention, the large painting on the wall perfects this area. Also, this awesome residence is completed with a private meeting room that is decorated as artful as those rooms. Although it utilizes only minimalist chairs and desk, it displays beautiful look for it is accessorized with colorful painting and functional angled shelf, indeed.
Different from the rooms above, the kitchen and bedroom is designed interestingly without paintings, but rather with awesome room design. Not only is that, it is also extremely elegant for it is equipped with contemporary furniture items. Amazingly, the beauty you can enjoy in the outdoor space too where the green grass and trees meet in the green backyard. Finally, if you are curious of the residence interior design details, you can browse it in the pictures that we share in the gallery below.

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