Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Minimalist House Idea with a Scandinavian Style

Are you interested in designing a minimalist home? Take a look at this casual, yet chic Scandinavian style house and get some inspiration. Created in a minimalist way and made of wood, this house looks not only simple, but also earthy. Moreover, wood is wisely used as flooring, walls and also ceilings. To make this house look purely natural, the designer let the natural colors of the wood decorate the interiors. However, there are also wooden elements that are colored in white to create a clean and spacious décor.
To adorn the interior, this Scandinavian style house incorporates modern and rustic furniture items making it becomes unique. More than that, it also utilizes marble, for the dining table for example. There are also many details used creatively in the table designs and wall accessories. There are many alluring ornaments and artworks to emphasize the Scandinavian style and to add an artistic touch to the décor.
The bedrooms are decorated simply, but in an interesting way. The bright color palette and casement windows make the house look spacious and luminous. The bright hues really liven up the interior. However, the exterior of the building is colored in dark hues so that it looks classic. Take a closer look at the pictures below if you want to create a minimalist Scandinavian style home and enjoy!

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