Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Creating Theme on Your Interior with Cool Lighting Decoration

Still about decorating your interior, one other think you should put your attention is the lighting decoration. Lighting decoration can create certain theme and also style to your interior. You can also manage your mood at home by applying certain lighting theme. Here we present some of the cool lighting ideas for your modern interior house decoration.

A sleek kitchen interior with marble top surface of the island and stainless steel refrigerator door is decorated with elegant pendant lamps. The light from the pendant lamps is reflected by the glossy surface of the furniture that makes the room looks sparkle in light. The kitchen is also decorated with bright natural light from the outside that comes through the windows glass above the backsplash. It is really cool lighting decoration, isn’t it?

A home theater is designed with comfy sofa lounge and many pillows that are set to face the large screen in front. The room has textured wall and tiles floor also ceiling. The lighting decoration is applied on the ceiling with lamps. This lamp illuminates the room with subtle light so it will perfect for the atmosphere to watch movie on the room. The theater room also has windows glass with white curtain that brings natural light to get inside the room. Green planter on the shelves near the ceiling with integrated lighting also decorates the room and makes it looks far more interesting. It is sure an innovative cool lighting idea for an interior decoration.

White lighting decoration on gray and white room also offers nice visual look that will feast the eyes. The white lighting from the lamps resonates with white color of the ceiling and some furniture on the room and makes the room looks elegant. A bedroom with purple light decoration on the back of the headboard shows both elegant and lovely decoration that will make your friend jealous want to have the decoration as well.

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