Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Classy Condo with Colorful Touches

Located in New York City, this classy condo is created modernly in bright white. Instead, it looks more beautiful for it is touched with colorful accents to enrich the room color decoration. Not only is that, to balance the pretentiousness, it is also decorated with awesome furniture with organized arrangement. In order to complete the beauty of the condo interior, it is designed in open floor idea to minimize the partition and maximize the free space of the room.
The living room of this classy condo design is modernly created with awesome pastel sofa. Then, to beautify it, it uses lovely yet colorful cushions which are designed with floral hand painting so that it looks more exquisite. Nearby the living room, there is a panoramic dining room where the occupants can enjoy their dishes and the beautiful city skies in the same time. Decorated with minimal turquoise dining chairs and rectangular wooden dining table, this space makes the interior extremely sophisticated, indeed. And without any permanent partition, the kitchenette is interestingly created adjacent with the dining area.
On the other room, the bedroom is covered with awesome bedding décor. It utilizes beautiful wall arts and modern furniture too. Perfectly colored in bright tones, it dazzles the exquisiteness of the condominium. Not to exaggerate, this dwelling is also completed with super comfortable home office which is designed with beautiful views where the occupants can relax their minds by looking at the outside.
If you already bought a condo with this style and type, you are able to decorate it like what you just seen in the picture gallery. Or, it might be able to design in your apartment too. We guarantee that after you check the classy condo design pictures of this post, you will get that much inspirations and ideas to design your home living pretentiousl

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