Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blending Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

When you’ll see the outside of this jaw-dropping house, you will start to wonder what the indoor spaces look like. This house has a unique modern design and yet it doesn’t lose its natural beauty. The indoor space was designed by a Mexican architect. He wanted a house which has no boundary between the outdoor and the indoor spaces.
The ground floor of this house is mainly covered with a glass partition and glass doors. Therefore, the inhabitants can enjoy the garden view without walking outside. It features a decorative stone wall that creates an interesting look inside and out.
One of the interesting parts of this house is the aquarium like garden next to the living room. When you step into the house you will see several outdoor designs that are brought into the house. There is an indoor lily pond with a wood decked sitting room next to it.
With the glass roof above the pond, the inhabitants can enjoy a relaxing time in it. There is also a rock garden under the stairs. The bathroom also has an outdoor touch due to a stone wall.
This house has also a spacious open plan room. It has a beautiful and comfortable sitting room that is covered with a stone wall. The wood finishes on the ceiling are a common decoration in the design of the house.

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